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第 PAGE 页码 页码 页 / 总页数 NUMPAGES 总页数 总页数 页 六年级英语脑筋急转弯大全脑筋急转弯分类比较广泛:有益智类,搞笑类,数学类,成人类等。脑筋急转弯是种娱乐方式,同时也是一种大众化的文字游戏。下面就是我给大家带来的六年级英语脑筋急转弯大全,希望大家喜欢!【一】Questions:1.How can you make a rope shorter without cutting or windingit不能剪也不能卷,怎样使一根绳子变短2.How can you throw a ball and have it return to you withouthitting anything or having anyone throw it back to you把球扔出去,不能碰任何物体,不能让别人扔回来,怎样使球乖乖地回到你手里3.Why are you wearing two watches at the same time你为何同时戴两块表Keys:1.Take a longer rope and compare with it.拿一根长点的绳子比一比就行了.2.Just throw it up in the air.往上抛.3.To see if the other one keeps good time.互相监督是否走时准确.Notes:1.与更长的绳子相比,原来那根绳子肯定是更短了(shorter).【二】Five Months OlderThe Second World War had begun, and John wanted to join the army, but he was only 16 years old, and boys were allowed to join only if they were over 18. So when the army doctor examined him, he said that he was 18.But Johns brother had joined the army a few days before, and the same doctor had examined him too. This doctor remembered the older boys family name, so when he saw Johns papers, he was surprised."How old are you?" he said."Eighteen, sir," said John."But your brother was eighteen, too," said the doctor. "Are you twins?""Oh, no, sir," said John, and his face went red. "My brother is five months older than I am."大五个月第二次世界大战开始了,约翰想参军,可他只有十六岁,当时规定男孩到十八岁才能入伍。所以军医给他进行体检时,他说他已经十八岁了。可约翰的哥哥刚入伍没几天,而且也是这个军医给他做的检查。这位医生还记得他哥哥的姓。所以当他看到约翰的表格时,感到非常惊奇。"你多大了?"军医问。"十八,长官。"约翰说。"可你的哥哥也是十八岁,你们是双胞胎吗?"约翰脸红了,说:"哦,不是,长官,我哥哥比我大五个月。"【三】英语笑话分享1 Pete: "The last time I was out hunting, I stepped off a high cliff, and would you believe it, while I was falling every fool deed Id ever done came into my mind."Bob: "Must have been a pretty high mountain you fell from."皮特:"我上次出去打猎,跌下了很高的悬崖,信不信由你,当我跌落的时候,我脑海里浮现了我做过的所有蠢事。"鲍勃:"你一定是从万丈高山上跌落的吧。"2 Spending the night with their grandparents, 2 young boys knelt beside their beds to say their prayers at bedtime. The younger boy began praying at the top of his lungs:"I PRAY FOR A BIKE... I PRAY FOR A NEW DVD..."His older brother nudged him and said, "Why are you shouting your prayers? God isnt deaf."To which the little brother replied, "No, but Grandma is!"2个男孩与祖父母一起过夜,他们跪在床边做睡前祷告。弟弟声嘶力竭地祈祷: "我祈求一辆自行车,一张新DVD"哥哥用肘轻推他: "你为什么大喊着祈祷?上帝又不聋。"弟弟答道:"上帝是不聋,但是奶奶聋。"3 A cop spotted a woman driving and knitting at the same time. Coming up beside her, he said, "Pull over!""No," she replied, "a pair of socks!"巡警发现一名妇女边开车边织毛衣,便开车上前,说:"靠边停车(套头衫)!""不," 她回答,"是一双袜子!"【四】英语笑话分享1 Finding one of her students making faces at others on the playground, Ms Smith stopped to gently reprimand the child. Smiling sweetly, the Sunday school teacher said, "Bobby, when I was a child I was told if I made ugly faces, my face would freeze and stay like that". Bobby looked up and replied, "Well, Ms Smith, you cant say you werent warned."史密斯小姐发现她的一名学生在操场上向别人做鬼脸,便去轻责他。这位主日学校的老师甜甜地微笑着,说:"博比,我小的时候,有人告诉我如果我做鬼脸,我的脸就会僵硬,永远都那么丑。"博比抬头看老师,说:"史密斯小姐,你可别说没人警告过你啊。"2 A guy goes to visit his grandma and he brings his friend with him.While hes talki


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